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We all know how great it can be when we get immersed in an activity and no longer feel like we’re actually “working”. But we sometimes forget that “work” doesn’t have to be hard or serious. In fact it helps immensely if it is interesting and even more if it’s fun - because once we’re engaged, learning ‘just happens” Unfortunately, the reverse is also true.

"If a child is not motivated and stimulated to learn early in life, the more likely it is that when that child becomes an adult, it will fail in social and economic life. The longer society waits to intervene in the life cycle of a disadvantaged child, the more costly it is to remediate disadvantage. Similar dynamics are at work in creating child health and mental health" says James J Jackman in “Schools Skills and Synapses”, 2008. Reprinted in NSW Teachers Federation "Inclusive Education Policy" 2014.

As a teacher or parent it’s a joy to see children begin to feel they CAN learn , they CAN do something well. It ‘s exciting because we all know that if we can do SOMETHING well, we have more confidence to try other challenges, and so build our life skills.

Lives change one step at a time - but there has to be a first step. Help us build Powerful Futures for our children by pledging your support below, or if you are interested in a more long term 'sponsor' based relationship, click here.

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