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iKiMagic Learn Online – Preview

Welcome to iKiMagic! We'd love to have you join us so feel free to take a look around and preview what's on offer to iKiFy your life and the lives of those you care for.

All memberships get access to our unique iKiFit Energisers. The full list can be previewed now by selecting one of the buttons on the left. We have a music and videos for children of all ages that can be streamed or downloaded.

  • iKi Junior is perfect for 18 months to 7 years
  • iKi Yellow is for 5 years on-wards
  • iKi Green is suited to children 12 years and above.

For Teachers or Educators we have a range of content to assist your teaching and help students be Safe Respectful Learners. Click the button on the left for a sneak peak at our Teacher Resources.

If you are a Parent or Carer take a look at the Parent Resources page. For members we have great downloadable tools like the iKiMagic Reward Chart and iKi Rulz Posters as well as an in-depth iKiMagic At Home ebook to help you implement iKiMagic in your family life. You can also head to our Free Parent Resources page to download iKiMagic At Home: Introduction.


If you have any questions about our memberships, please do not hesitate to contact us via email admin@ikifit.com.au or call Kim directly on 0411 251 922.