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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

 Best wishes for a happy healthy 'new normal' .

Our very best wishes go out to one and all. The past few years seem to have been constantly building to new levels of stress, with a horrible, years long, nation wide drought leading to the recent devestating bushfires, then floods, then the Corona Virus pandemic. Next, economic uncertainty and more. There is no doubt that it's frightening in so many ways.

Let's count our blessings  that we live in a country with such a strong health system, good leadership and wonderful community spirit. There have been missteps and confusion but overwhelmingly more instances of people looking out for each other. It's so reassuring to know that when the chips are down, we Aussies are  great at working together for the common good. 

Some of you may have heard about the idea of 'Paying it Forward'? We are excited to be offering free access to the brand new iKiMagic at Home. We understand that the best thing anyone can do at any time is to be positive contributing members of our families,and communities.

To Join for FREE please click here

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback please.



iKiFit News: Term 2, 2017

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Forbes Preschool engaged by their One Day Workshop


NESA Accredited Workshops tick LDC PCP boxes

Did you know you can use your LDC PCP funding for NESA Accredited iKi SRL Workshops? Book before 30th June - so we can get started!

You can choose from 2 courses: The One Day iKi SRL Workshop, worth 5 hours NESA TPL and the Half Day iKi Experience, which involves us working in your classrooms with staff and students and provides 3 hours NESA TPL credits.

Both Training Courses include online components, so you can get started before the end of June. To register, or for more information, click here.


See iKi SRL in Action! 


If you’d like to see iKi SRL in action before committing to the One Day Staff Development Workshop, the half day iKi Experience gives you an opportunity to see how your staff and students engage with the program in their own classroom – and still qualifies attendees with up to 3 hours TPL Credits. Or you can book a (non accredited) iKi Concert just for a bit of fun for your students.

For more information or to book your iKi Experience click here.


Welcome to New Services


iKi Central is proud to welcome staff, students and family of Cooloon Child Care, Warriewood Childcare, Forbes PS, Trinity PS, Dunedoo PS, Gilgandra PS and Childcare, as well as Peak Hill Central School.

To keep up with our weekly shenanigans - why not join us on Facebook. Click here to catch up now!




iKiFit News: Term 1, 2017

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The Staff of Trinity PreSchool loved their iKi SRL Workshop

iKi Safe Respectful Learners Workshops


iKiFit is excited to welcome the staff of Dunedoo Preschool, Trinity Preschool Orange and Cooloon Children’s Centre Tweed Heads to the iKi community, having recently completed their whole staff workshops.
Upcoming Workshops include: a one day Workshop in Dubbo 31st March, Peak Hill Central over two afternoons on the 22nd and 29th March. Whole school workshops in Warriewood on April 18 – 19th April and Forbes April 26th. Book your place at a NESA Accredited Teacher Training Workshop or Contact Kim on 0411 251 922 for more information.

Free Parent Resource Page


Education is much more powerful when parents and carers are involved. We now have a FREE information page which includes the iKi Rulz Song and the iKi Magic Dance to enable your families to learn more about iKi SRL and also get a taste of what they could access if they signed up for our iKi SRL @ Home portal. Feel free to advertise this through your own networks - include a link in your newsletters etc. Go to this page and grab the link by clicking the Read More button below.

Tell them we sent you!
A great advance in education in recent years are programs that allow you to document children’s progress at school and share with parents via email. One of the best we’ve seen is pencil.com.au . GET a free 1 month trial, by clicking on the website and signing up. If you love it, mention you are a friend of iKiFit to get a 5% discount on your first 12 months subscription.
Using technology to bring our families and insight into their child's development and learning outcomes closer together. What exciting times!

Kim's Thought for the Year. 

Be less bad!
Wow, 2017 is well and truly underway. It’s March ALREADY! Summer holidays are over and we’ve settled into our work and school routines for another year.

I’ve always been one for setting goals and like most people have mixed success. But I’ve found a way that’s helped me make plans for change that work.

Traditional resolutions go something like - “I’ll get up earlier, eat better, do more exercise, give the family more quality time and get heaps more work done” It’s about doing extra. More. Better. Then busy reality sets in and we’re too tired, stressed, or out of time. It’s hard not to let the ‘more’ slide.
A few years ago, I read a blog that offered a way to avoid that risk of failure from over committing. It works like this: Instead of promising more good habits, eliminate a bad habit - which then creates space: time, money and energy, for good habits.

I had gotten into the bad habit of eating way too much sugar. Generally, my diet is great – lots of veggies, nuts, whole grains, fruit, salads, lean meat. eggs, not too much alcohol, lots of water.
But my sugar intake had crept up, with a BIG chocolate hit most afternoons and weekends, plus sugar in numerous cups of tea and coffee, biscuits, ice cream, more chocolate. You name it, they were featuring regularly and it added up. I was making excuses about burning it up and deserving a treat and all that. Meanwhile, I was feeling sluggish, fuzzy headed and generally not well.

Now, I’ve “ just done it” - cut the sugar consumption way down, replacing it with honey, more fruit and veggies, with just one “blow out”’ day a week. I have more energy, a clearer head AND a clearer conscience, – not to mention, less cavities!

Click here to read some easy to digest professional advice 
This may not be your thing right now, but the principle is - dropping a bad habit, can be a great way to build the better you that you want to be, - rather than listing all the things you should be doing ‘more of’. After all how can we expect to be great educators and role models if we don't take the time to improve and preserve ourselves.
So...Just do it, take the time for YOU right now to beat that one bad habit and be less bad!

Best wishes for the rest of 2017,


iKiFit News: Term 4, 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Buninyong & Dubbo & District Preschool were excited at their iKi SRL Workshop

iKi SRL Workshops - Professional Development, fun and empowerment.

In term 3 we were excited to deliver iKi SRL Workshops at:
TAFE Dubbo. Staff from Redgum Childcare, Peppercorn Child Care Centre, Regand Park Early Childhood Education Centre, and St Johns Primary School all completing re-accreditation, while Playmates Cottage started their journey to becoming an Accredited iKi SRL Centre.

Dubbo and District Preschool and Buningyong Preschool completed the first half of their One Day Whole Staff training.

Peak Hill Preschool completed their iKi SRL Teacher Training on Wednesday the 28th of September.

Dunedoo Preschool have scheduled their whole school iKi SRL Workshop on Monday the 23rd of December.

We absolutely loved working with such committed, professional Teachers and Educators.
Be the first to become an Accredited iKi SRL Centre in your area.
If you would like more information, click here or call Kim on 0411 251 922.

Experience the Magic of iKi Live

Did you know you can have Kim or one of the iKi Crew come to your centre to do an iKi Live Concert? Not only will you love the twinkle in the eyes of your children as they engage with the Magic of iKi - you will learn how it can help your Centre engage families. To book your iKi Live Concert - contact Kim on 0411 251 922.

Dubbo Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Finalist

We are proud to have been finalists in the Dubbo Rhino Business Awards for Excellence in Presentation and Marketing.

We were more than happy to be edged out by Natalie Bramble Management, who we have worked with extensively over the years.

Like the other Category winners they are great at what they do and it was energising to enjoy an evening with them.
It was especially exciting to learn some of the story of Gold Rhino winners Transforce and inspiring to know that a Dubbo based Trucking and Transport company is a world leader, - being the only transport company in Australia to be Carbon Neutral.

Congratulations to all entrants and winners.

iKiFit News: Term 3, 2016

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

NEW iKi Learn Online Content!

AT LAST --- we’ve had SOOO many hold ups with the new iKi Magic Songs and videos Finally they are rolling out.
To see the new iKi Magic Dance presented by Dubbo iKi Crew click here.

If you are a member login to see the new:

  • Surf’s Up in the iKi Magic section
  • Arts and Crafts Rulz Posters in the Teachers Resources
  • And new songs in the iKi Magic section

Professional Development Workshops

The recent iKi SRL Workshops in Cowra, Orange, Dubbo and Lightning Ridge have been hits with participants and presenters alike. It is so energizing to work with such dedicated educators.

Coming up are workshops for: Dubbo, Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra.If you would like more information, click here or call Kim on 0411 251 922.

The iKi SRL Philosophy

Clear expectations and fair consequences builds happy, healthy, strong schools, families and communities.

We all know how frustrating it is when we play, or watch, a game where the opposition “pushes the rules” - cheats – and gets away with it.
We know how demoralising it is when our leaders are corrupt, and we are all aware of the difficulty of raising children in a world where celebrities and “stars” gain kudos for flaunting the rules.

A world where some people play by the rules and others don’t.
We know it’s damaging us all: our families, schools and communities.
Out of control sports stars "getting away with it" results in young men thinking it’s OK to bash innocent passers-by.

A recent headline: “Teens out of Control” –Front page, Sun Herald October 5th, quoted research showing that up to 60% of students in classrooms where 1 or 2 students continually ‘get away with stuff’ - become disengaged. They stop trying to learn, and commence ‘acting up’ themselves.
Meanwhile we’re spending millions on counsellors and aids to assist those same students who are disrupting class -further disillusioning the “good’ ones
There is a better way and fortunately the message is spreading.

Witness the imposing of penalties on sportspeople who fight on - or off - the field, along with new laws with hefty consequences for those who assault innocents, The result has been a halving of hospitalisation from Coward Punches in less than a year.

Similarly, clear expectations and fair consequences for not following reasonable guidelines in schools leads to a halving of inappropriate behaviours in just 6 to 12 months. Less suspensions equals more engaged students.

We have strict road rules because it saves lives. We have clear, consistent rules on sporting fields so the game is safe, fair and fun. For everyone.

When we do the same thing in classrooms, our children learn to participate in school, work and community in a positive way.

We all thrive when we feel safe, valued, respected. Things fall apart when we don’t.
Fortunately, this message is taking hold worldwide. There IS hope and we CAN teach our children to be resilient and to be able to make informed, positive choices.

To read about the One Day Positive Behaviour Management Workshops click here.

iKiFit News: Term 2, 2016

Monday, May 02, 2016

Professional Development Workshops

We’re excited about the great reports we’re getting from Pre Schools, ECs and Primary Schools who are using iKi SRL. With centers in Dubbo, Lightning Ridge, Narromine, Trangie, Coonamble, Culcairn, Eumungerie, Tiboburra – the list goes on. The SRL message - and the fun - is spreading.

Click here to see what some of our users have to say about iKi SRL.

The iKi SRL Workshop content is mapped against the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standard and is applicable to the Long Day Care Professional Learning (LDCPL) funding. 

Next week sees our pilot centre – award winning Regand Park ECEC in Dubbo, doing whole centre training with the new and improved workshop package - a collaboration of their input and the program as developed over the past 13 years.

Workshops are coming up in Orange, Lithgow, Forbes, Gilgandra - Click here to see dates and REGISTER. Or we can come to you - Click here to contact us to discuss training options for your school/service. 

NEW iKi Online Content!

New Songs, Videos and Narratives for iKi Magic AND iKi Yellow are in final production now. We are really excited to see the new content that was filmed recently in Dubbo.

Check out the iKi Facebook page for 'on set' action shots - and watch the iKi Learn Online landing page in coming weeks for a preview. 

There will be a total of 5 new Videos for Preschool and Primary School ages released over the next month to be followed by some great competitions. Log in regularly to check it out at http://ikifit.com.au/iki-learn-online-login

Not yet using iKi Learn Online - no problem, click here find out how you can access all the latest and favourite iKi content

Farewell to Active Amy

We are sad to be farewelling Amy who has recently taken up a fulltime position with the Mental Health team at Marathon Health in Dubbo. Amy is excited to be working with an organisation whose service is so important to our community.

Amy's contribution to iKiFit over the past 2 years has been paramount, helping us to a point where we can now see ourselves achieving national exposure over the next couple of years.

Amy's stand out gift to iKi has been the development of iKi SRL @ Home, which brings the benefits of iKiFit (the Energisers) and the iKi Rulz into the home - to help parents manage behaviours and build positive life skills. Click here to find out how you can benefit.

Active Amy will be greatly missed by many of our services and children, not to mention Carol and myself. We have grown close to Amy over the last 2 years and see her as a friend and part of the iKi family. We wish Amy and her family (Dean, Charlotte, Caleb & Jack) all the best for the future.

iKiFit News: Term 1, 2016

Monday, February 08, 2016

iKi Central now offering classes! 

'iKi Central' opened its doors in November 2015 in Mountbatten Drive, Dubbo - next door to Flip Out. Serving as both iKi HQ as well as Dubbo's newest gym - various classes are now on offer.
Active Amy is offering 'iKi Warrior' classes to school aged children on Mondays from 4pm 
Kinetic Kim is offering classes to Disability and Community service providers during school hours for groups of up to 30 clients and their carers.
Both Active Amy and Kinetic Kicking Kim are also available for school sports and leisure groups.

To find out more about registration and term fees Contact Us.

iKi SRL Online Memberships

We have had lots of feedback already this year about the iKi SRL online content. 

Narromine Preschool have said "all the children are loving the new 'iKi Rulz' song and are singing it everyday and even going home and singing it to their families and pets!"

Tibooburra Outback School have reported that they are "using the iKi Energisers every morning for their daily fitness and also did a demonstration at their presentation night last year".

Several families have said that they are experiencing valued, respectful relationships as a result of implementing iKi SRL @ Home. Using the iKi SRL Score Board is improving positive behaviours and contribution to the family team.

Memberships are available for as little as $5.95 a month - click here to sign up TODAY!

iKiFit News: Thanks 2015 - That's a Wrap!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Wow - what a year it has been! iKi SRL has certainly gone from strength to strength!
We welcomed new friends to the iKi Community in 2015, and even saw the Governor General join in on an iKi Class at Parkes PCYC. If you haven't seen the video, be sure to pop on over to the iKiFit Facebook page and don't forget to 'Like' while you're there!

Communities are growing stronger in Narromine, Trangie, Lightning Ridge, Coonamble, Gilgandra, Dubbo and Wellington thanks to the schools, early childhood services and community groups that have committed to developing Happy, Healthy, Strong - Safe Respectful Learners this year!

Special mention to Peppercorn Child Care Centre, Red Gum Child Care Centre and Narromine Preschool who embedded iKi SRL into their centres - providing professional development for their staff, and a framework that makes it so much easier to teach positive behaviors – not to mention the great new iKi Energisers that help set students on the path of lifelong learning and wellbeing.

A huge thank you to Lightning Ridge and Trangie Central Schools for their ongoing support of the iKi SRL program - developing awesome iKi Crew and modelling into their communities through connection with other schools and services. 

And of course a massive amount of appreciation to Regand Park Early Childhood Education Centre and St John's Primary School - particularly Director, Justine Richards and Principal, Anthony O'Leary for your endless support of the iKi Safe Respectful Learners program. 

If you have a school, early childhood centre or community agency who would like to hear more about the iKi SRL program, please contact Kim or Amy via admin@ikifit.com.au to arrange a time to discuss how iKi can help you grow Happy, Healthy Strong - Safe Respectful Learners in 2016! 


In late November, iKi Central opened a new premises in Dubbo - next door to the popular indoor trampoline centre 'Flip Out' - 18-30 Mountbatten Dr, Dubbo. 

  • iKi Central is offering iKi Magic and iKi Warrior classes in 2016 - enabling children aged 3 and above the opportunity to benefit from iKiFit Energisers and the SRL program during and after school hours. 
  • Registration includes an iKi SRL @ Home membership - so your child can practise their energisers and Principles at home - plus an iKiFit T-Shirt and PowerStick. 
  • Click here to download the Term 1 2016 timetable and information on registration and fees. 
  • To Register for one of the Term 1 classes email amy@ikifit.com.au or call Amy on 0419 016 692

Keep Calm and stay Energised!

Thursday, December 03, 2015

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” – Leo Tolstoy

We all want to see change in the world, especially at Christmas, but deep down we all know that if we want to change OUR world it has to start with us, - our home, our work place and our own persona.

And remember we are working towards giving the best of “ourselves” as a gift for those we care about. Sound self- absorbed? Not when we consider this. - How we act towards those we live and work with can be very powerful. 

Hopefully we’ve all been continuing our spring cleaning, de-cluttering and energizing - getting our homes, businesses and selves, in as good order as we can. Hopefully this exercise has also enabled you to bond as a family, focusing on team work and respecting and valuing one another. 

So let’s look at our goal again; - “To be the best we can be for Christmas” To be more thoughtful, cheerful, sharing, caring, helpful to all we come in contact with. It is alot easier to be all of the above when we feel good about ourselves, - thus the spring cleaning, organising and energizing is well worth the effort, as it all helps us to be Happier Healthier and Stronger.

How did you go with iKi SRL @ Home? Have you signed up yet? Remember it is a great way to energise as a family whilst accessing valuable behaviour strategies and goals that benefit the whole family and help keep harmony and peace.. which I am sure you will agree we could do with some more of around here lately! So, if you haven’t signed up yet, that’s ok – click here to sign up now. Get it organised so you can implement over the holiday break and kick start the new year feeling calm and confident as a family.

What have we done so far to set up a great holiday period and what do we need to do to ensure it actually happens? This afternoon finish what we need to do to close off the week, then check that we are organized for next week. Next, note the things we HAVE to do on the weekend and what we WANT to get done. Remember, there are some things we need to do, - to maintain our livelihoods, families, health and so on, and there are things we want to do. These can be almost as important, such as social, community and sporting events, hobbies, family fun. Lets’ make sure there is a bit of both (needs and wants) this weekend.

Real pleasure comes from things we work for, and real peace of mind comes from knowing that we are giving attention to all of the important areas in our lives. And remember that we are human so let’s be fair to ourselves about what is achievable- about what actually is our "best".

The past few years have been hard for many of us. For myself, as well as many friends and acquaintances, it has been the most challenging period of our lives and there were times we struggled to maintain faith in the future. But when we look around we see that we have many blessings. We're still standing people. And where there's life there's hope.

So now let’s continue to take the steps to make this Christmas truly a season of goodwill.
This weekend I'll be wining and dining my hubby for his birthday, going for a family bike ride and doing some organising in readiness for the opening of ‘iKi Central’ next Wednesday 9th December. If you are in Dubbo – why not pop in and say hi and see what we have in store for our community next year. Click here to download the official invitation. 

Hope to see some of you there - to the rest of you – have an awesome week!

Active Amy.

Get Organised and STAY CALM!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Season's Greetings to you all! 

It is sad how fast this year has gone.. it seems only yesterday I walked my big 4 yr old boy into his first day of Kindergarten, whilst carrying my 3 month old baby boy on my hip! Now my big boy is getting ready to move into Yr 1 and my baby boy is already 1 and almost walking!! - It has been such a busy, rewarding year with my 3 children and we are now getting ready for a well earned break with Christmas now only 4 weeks away!!

We will hear many times in the coming 4 weeks that Christmas is a time of giving, but most of us agree that the message has been hijacked by runaway commercialism.  I’m sure we also agree that giving can be good, and that there’s a lot to be said for the Christmas spirit…peace on earth and goodwill to all men is a wonderful dream, after all. But when it comes to giving, the question arises, “What can we give that isn’t just more “stuff’?”

When I ask myself what I most enjoy giving at Christmas, the answer is, “The nice me’ The one who is relaxed and pleasant to be around and shares Christmas cheer. So how can we work on being the best we can be this holiday season? And in doing so, how can we also model the true meaning of Christmas to our children? 

One of the new “traditions” that have developed in the past decade or so is that we frantically strive to get everything done by Christmas Eve, so that we can relax for the Christmas-New Year break. And we find that it can be SO stressful getting everything done, especially when you are dragging around weary children - that by the big day we’re totally exhausted.  How great would it be to have everything possible done, all things ship shape, - with a bit of space and energy left over so we can be in good spirits for the holidays?

Here’s how:

Let’s start with the knowledge that we feel the best- the most relaxed about ourselves when our lives are in balance. When all of the important things are getting a fair share of attention; - family, physical health, work, social connections - and don’t forget the finances. So let’s work towards being SATISFIED that we’ve given the rest of the year our best shot. I know personally that it can be daunting thinking of all the things to do…but when we write lists it’s easier. There’s usually not quite as much as our fevered brain imagines and it’s satisfying to cross them off. 

So, make a list of the things to do;- Jobs that absolutely have to be done, things that it would be good to do and then ones that can probably be left till next year; Get your children involved on this, take the opportunity to discuss 'team work' and the power of a united family effort - prioritize and delegate where possible to your children and partner. Make sure you include something from all of the important areas of your lives. Do it now, even if it’s just making a start. Why not do an iKi Energiser as a family to engage with your children and bring about a sense of unity in these hectic times. Sign up today for iKi SRL @ Home and access videos and songs to keep you all feeling energised. 

Now you're feeling energised why and ready to get organised, why not “tidy as you go” I find that keeping things tidy ensures that I don’t overlook tasks and it also helps get into a positive frame of mind. Your children who thrive on security and certainty will love this, even if they do moan about the 'tidying up' part! Model the satisfaction of a tidy, organised environment - where you can find what you need when you need it. As you see them listening and taking on board your modelled behaviour it is an awesome opportunity to introduce the iKi SRL Scoreboard if you haven't already. Issuing tokens to your children for conscious efforts in keeping things tidy and organised, respecting their property and others and pitching in as part of the family team. 

Do a quick de-clutter in the home and garage. Remember there will be plenty of new stuff coming in on "the day". Encourage your children to look at their toys and belongings, perhaps there are a few things that they no longer play with that could be donated to those who would appreciate them most. Take the time to discuss how fortunate your family is and how it is nice to help those who need it most. 

So that’s it;- tidy the desk, make a list and then the same for home. Over the next 4 weeks we’ll count down the days and cross off the tasks so that we’ll be able to heave a satisfied sigh on Dec 25. And we can give the Nice Us for Christmas to those we love the most. 

To access iKi Energisers and the iKi SRL Scoreboard, sign up for your iKi SRL @ Home membership TODAY. While you are there, take a look at our great Christmas Specials

Until next time, 

Active Amy.