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Smart Device Ready Content For Home or School

Parents - iKi SRL Online gives you the tools to grow a Happy, Healthy, Strong Family Team! 

  • Use iKi Rulz to help set the foundations and allow everyone to understand their role in the family team. 
  • The iKi SRL Scoreboard allows you to keep track of everyone's contribution to the team whilst the iKi Energisers keep everyone fit, happy and focused. 

Teachers - iKi SRL Online helps you deliver engaging, rewarding classes every time!

  • Use iKi Energisers as a motivation, reward or fitness break
  • Teacher Resources make every day a great day.

Students - Want to be part of iKiCrew at your School?

  • You must have completed iKi Yellow Level and completed iKi Crew training.
  • If you qualify, please Contact Us to learn how you can Join Online for FREE.