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10. Don't wait. Invigorate.

Monday, April 02, 2018


 Napping during the day is not only an effective and refreshing alternative to caffeine, it can also protect your health and make you more productive. A study of 24,000 Greek adults showed that people who napped several times a week had a lower risk for dying from heart disease, much lower levels of stress and improved memory, cognitive function and mood.

But wait – drat! We have no tradition of workday siestas in Australia, so what are we to do? Taking a nap at your desk might get you fired. Maybe go home for lunch and take a nap while you’re there? Or what about suggesting it to your boss and colleagues in a wonderfully invigorated way and keep chipping away. Just because we don’t currently do it doesn’t mean…..

Ok, fair enough, that might take years so what to do meanwhile?

There are LOTS of simple, effective, no (or low) cost, fun ways to invigorate and most are also great for your health, your productivity, and for those around you.

Take a brisk walk, wander outside and smell the roses, streeeetch! It’s about ‘time out time’, mindfulness, positive attitude and more.

Add something fresh and colourful to your meal, say something nice to your fellow workers, smile and laugh, eat an apple (crunchy is so invigorating) work on a win-win solution to a disagreement you’ve had with someone you value, do something thoughtful for your spouse or children. Put on music you love and shimmy, sing or smooch – or all three. The possibilities are endless.

Don’t wait, invigorate.