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Healthy Engaged Student study - Dick Telford

The results are out. A multi million dollar study over 3 years shows structured physical activity improves Numeracy and Literacy outcomes in Primary age school children.  Dick Telford, Australian swim coach and AIS founding member was horrified with what he saw in Primary schools. A fixation on numeracy and literacy had grown to a point that schools were neglecting important elements of a healthy, holistic education.

Talking to authorities he found that there was no appreciation of the connection between healthy, engaged children and good numeracy and literacy skills. So he set out to prove that there is. He raised enough money to employ three full time PE teachers for three years plus evaluation staff and tools.

Over 800 students randomly selected at 28 schools were evaluated at commencement and then participated in regular structured physical activity.
At the end of three years the results are conclusive. Read more

"What Works Best" to improve student outcomes - Adrian Piccoli, NSW Minister for Education

Based on research detailed in a recent report entitled What Works Best, the NSW Education Department and Education Minister Adrian Piccoli have identified what constitutes effective classroom teaching and learning.
The report identifies seven areas, which, when effectively addressed, greatly enhance teaching and learning. The areas are: 
1. High expectations 
2. Explicit teaching 
3. Effective feedback 
4. Use of data to inform practice 
5. Classroom management 
6. Wellbeing 
7. Collaboration.

To read the full report click here


Traditional forms of teaching make a welcome comeback - Kevin Donnelly, The Australian

Apparently, teachers need to teach, students need a clear understanding of what is expected, classrooms need a disciplined, focused environment and there needs to be a rigorous curriculum embodying high standards. Read more