Meet the iKi Crew


Kim Macrae - Founder and Presenter

Kim was born in Dorrigo in 1955 and grew up on a dairy farm, one of 5 boys. He counts his childhood as lucky and happy, with caring, capable parents and lots of opportunities to learn and grow.

He was also lucky as a student, getting a great start at Mt. St Johns Primary School and then Dorrigo High School – both schools being staffed by dedicated, caring teachers. However, in senior High School Kim was a bit disengaged.
Gaining entry to the University of New England by the skin of his teeth, he commenced with the intention of studying Arts/Law but by the beginning of his second year was struggling. Too much partying and not enough direction were proving a poor combination.

Then he ‘discovered’ Tae-Kwon Do and found himself engaged in something that appealed, challenged and satisfied. He began to look at his life from a different perspective. When, after only 20 months the club lost its’ instructor, Kim was faced with a choice. Step in as the teacher or watch the club fold.


Within months he changed his focus from law to education. He had new found confidence, positive goals, a reason to eat well, go to lectures and engage with life in a more constructive way. Kim went on to build a successful TKD club at UNE and achieved his Black Belt just after Graduating with a BA and Diploma of Education in 1977.  

From the beginning of his professional teaching career, he was struck by the twin challenges of successfully engaging students in the process of learning and implementing effective behaviour management strategies in his classes.
"In some schools, I spent a large part of my energy managing the behaviour of a small minority of students, - and in my fitness business I found that many people who wanted to be active and learn new skills were intimidated by programs that demanded a high level of skill to even commence. Many found it too hard - or too scary - to get to the point where they felt confident - and dropped out"

Kim realised that many people have limited opportunity to learn physical skills from a young age. "I had the benefit of growing up on a farm and was physically active, strong and confident as a result. Many however, don’t have that advantage. And in our hi tech world they don't encounter the physical world of chopping wood, digging holes, fishing, shooting bows and arrows, running, riding - or just playing with a stick and creating a game with their imagination. The direct result is that up to 70% of kids today lack well developed fundamental movement skills"

But how to engage them in activities that would set them on a lifelong pathway of healthy life skills and choices?
On September 17th 1987, an idea struck! "Give a kid a stick and they know instinctively what to do; prod, swing, lever, imagine, play and learn"
It took the next 15 years to design build the iKi Sticks and to compose and record the iKi Music but when they were put together Kim realised he had created something that could change lives.

Over the years as he built the physical components of the program, Kim thought about the things that had cemented his attraction to TKD. The Values. The sense of community, honesty and courtesy, of mutual respect and learning with and looking after your friends, of sharing family and community connections.

So, from 2003 the iKi Rulz and Pledge as well as the leadership components were added to the classes and students responded on a whole new level. In 2013 when working collaboratively with a renowned local Early Childhood Centre and their Director, the synergy between early childhood, primary and secondary school learning and positive behaviour management became apparent and further development was made to meet EYLF, NQS, and later NESA accreditation. 

Kim has 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren. He is still actively involved in teaching Subak Martial Arts in Dubbo. He is a keen gardener and musician and loves to swim, walk and ski. To connect with Kim directly email or call 0411 251 922. 

Kim also writes a weekly blog 'An iKi Kind of Life' which he introduces to you in the short video below. You can then follow the blog by clicking here or liking the Facebook page. 

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Amy Mines - Product & Marketing Manager - "iKiMum"


I first met Kim when I managed his website account while working for a web development company. He was one of my more passionate, enthusiastic clients, who wasn’t always sure as to what he wanted, but always knew how he wanted it.

I quickly learnt the art of communicating with this genius of a man, and became affectionately fond of his zest for life and determination to engage and develop children of all ages, much like my own, into happy, healthy, strong – contributing members of society.

It was whilst on maternity leave awaiting the arrival of my third child that I struck up a casual working arrangement with Kim that found me developing his marketing material, managing his social media and very quickly immersing myself in workshop and class content. With the impending arrival of my third child, into an already complex, blended family situation - I decided that the simplicity of the iKi Rulz, and the engagement of the iKi Energisers was just the right amount of structure, consistency and discipline our family needed.


Soon after the birth of my third child, came the conception of iKi SRL @ Home. It had worked so seamlessly, the children were responding beautifully to these simple, life values and were applying them in multiple contexts. The rewards were obvious – everyone was commenting on how well behaved my children were – or that they were an absolute delight to look after. I couldn’t have been prouder. And now it was time to package up this magic formula and share it with others.

In 2016 I had to resume full-time work in my day job, to enable me to afford my three beautiful children, but I continued to support Kim from the sidelines.

Now, in 2018 I work fulltime at our local headspace Centre - but am working on my dream job as resident “iKiMum” blogger and ambassador for iKi Safe Respectful Learners, further developing the iKi SRL @ Home product. It is my goal to one day quit my day job and just teach “The iKi Way” to everyone and anyone willing to learn this simple, magical formula – that really does work!

To read more on my journey –  follow the blog and like the Facebook page, or feel free to drop me an email at