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iKi Magic At Home -A Success Story

The word is spreading about iKi Magic; how families can grow happier, healthier and stronger using 3 simple Rulz and having fun with the iKiStick exercises, music and videos. 


Dane & Helena - Warriewood

Dear Kim and the iKi Team, 

I write to you for the purpose of providing you with customer feedback following the adoption of the iKi Magic program into my families home routine.

My particular parenting role is that of a separated parent and father of two children, Isabella aged 3 and Max aged 7 whom i care for each alternate night and alternate weekend.

My fiancé, Helena and her 4 yo son Austin, have regularly visited my home over the past 3 years to join myself and my children during each weekend that i spend with my children.

Helena's visitation has become more frequent following the positive impact iKi Magic has had upon our co-parenting and the personal relationships within our family dynamic. The positive effect iKi Magic has had upon our particular family situation has provided Helena and I with the great realisation and optimism that we can function as a happy family unit by consistently following the simple rules and guidance.

Prior to the implementation of iKi Magic in my home, rules and routines were undefined and unclear to my children. This had clear negative impacts upon the quality of time Helena and I spent together with all our children as it seemed there were two different parenting styles at work.

Looking back I can see there was no consistency for the children when we were all together, from diet to sleep and expectations of shared play, nothing was similar and the fights rolled on. It was not uncommon for us to prefer to be away from each other as the kids were not getting along and this would ultimately then impact upon our own adult relationship.

Since Helena's return home from your two day course where she provided me with access to your iKi Magic resources and demanded for the sake of our family that I read , understand and implement the iKi Magic programme into my home routines , I can only say that I am extremely grateful that such a parenting tool was given to me by Helena.

The positive effects of consistently implementing the 4 rules and using the rewards chart were almost immediate. Combined with a minor change to my children's diet cutting out excess sugar, I can proudly say that it feels like I have new children. They are so much easier to handle, they undertake simple age appropriate choices, usually respond to my requests and my time with them is so much more enjoyable. Some complex manners have even snuck in there without any particular attention.

I can in all honesty say that iKi Magic is the best and most practical parenting resource I have come across and I am so grateful that iKi Magic has provided me with the parenting confidence I desperately needed to obtain , for the sake of my kids and my relationship.

I intend to pass on this resource to all my friends and family. Funny enough, Helena's older brother who is in a similar situation and has recently moved in and blended families with his partner, randomly dropped in the other night and sat there complaining about their current parenting and subsequent relationship struggles, we asked if he had heard of the iKi Magic programme to which he replied he has not. To his disbelief, Helena and I looked at each other and laughed very loudly at him because we realised how common a situation this must be in homes across Australia. We decided to explain our laughter and the iKi Magic programme and I dare say he will soon be a client of your business.

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